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Ally Bank Mortgage Review

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Reviews 29

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Katy Ward
Katy Ward
Jun. 04, 20214 min read

Ally Bank summary

Online financial services company Ally Bank offers a range of mortgage and refinance products to those with a credit score of 620 or higher. Borrowers can take care of every aspect of their mortgage application and completion online, while those in the early stages of buying a home can receive a pre-approval in as little as 3 minutes.


  • $500 payment towards closing costs
  • Dedicated mortgage advisors with local knowledge
  • Down payments as low as 3%


  • No bricks and mortar branches
  • FHA and VA loans not available

Ally Bank at a Glance

Direct lender or marketplace?Direct
Loan typesFixed-rate, adjustable-rate, jumbo
Loan amount$75,000-$4m
Repayment terms15, 20, 30 years
Minimum down payment3%
Minimum credit score620 (700 on jumbo loans)
Suitable forSecuring a mortgage deal online

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Headquartered in Detroit, Ally Bank is an online financial services company that offers fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and jumbo mortgage products. If you purchase a property or refinance through the company, you'll work with the same dedicated loan officer throughout the entire process. For customers who have been with Ally Bank for more than 30 days, it also pays $500 towards closing costs.

Suitable For?

Ally Bank offers mortgage deals for those with a minimum credit score of 620, or 700 in the case of jumbo products. This makes the lender particularly suitable for borrowers with a fairly robust financial history. With down payments as low as 3% for low-to-moderate-income borrowers under Fannie Mae’s HomeReady scheme, Ally Bank could be a good choice for buyers who would otherwise struggle to get on the property ladder.

Types of Loans/Products

Ally Bank offers purchase and refinance loans with a range of fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and jumbo products. 

  • Terms: 15-30 years
  • Minimum credit score: 620 (700 on jumbo loans)
  • Minimum down payment: 3% under the Fannie Mae scheme or 5% with private mortgage insurance

The Application Process

Although every home loan is different, most applications follow the stages outlined below:

  1. Visit the customizable interest rate tool: enter details such as your ZIP code, home value, and property type to get an indication of the interest you’re likely to pay. 
  2. Secure a pre-approval: input your details to receive a pre-approval letter in as little as 3 minutes.
  3. Complete your application: you can manage the entire process online, which includes uploading and managing your documents.
  4. Close the deal: you’ll need to complete this stage in person, with the bank instructing you where to go and what to bring.

During the application process, you’ll usually need to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Employment records
  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns

Ally Bank claims its mortgage services close 10 days faster than the industry average.

Repayment Terms

Ally Bank offers fixed-rate mortgages with 15, 20, or 30-year terms. 

Help & Support

You can get in touch with Ally Bank by phone or email from 8 am-10 pm (ET) Monday to Friday and 10 am-4 pm (ET) Saturdays. Should you take out a loan with the company, Ally Bank guarantees you’ll have the same dedicated advisor throughout the process.

T: (855) 256-2559



If you have a relatively strong credit history and are comfortable with managing your finances online, Ally Bank has a great deal in its favor. As well as offering pre-approvals in as little as 3 minutes, the company provides a $500 contribution towards closing costs for those who have been with the bank for more than 30 days.

The most significant downside we encountered is that Ally Bank doesn’t offer the full suite of products that some of its competitors do, such as products for veterans (VA loans) or federally backed FHA loans. If this isn’t an issue, however, it could well prove the right lender to help you buy or refinance a home.


What types of homes does Ally Bank offer loans for?

The company covers the following property types: single-family homes, townhomes, condos, multi-family homes, second homes, and investment homes.

Does Ally Bank have bricks and mortar branches?

No, the lender offers an entirely online solution. You will, however, need to close your deal in person, as instructed.

Does Ally Bank require home appraisal?

Yes, Ally Bank will introduce you to a home appraisal company and also set up an appointment on your behalf.

Do agents work on commission?

No, agents have no financial incentive to encourage you to spend more.

Physical Address

Ally Detroit Center, 500 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

Ally Bank Ally Bank Visit Site


This review was compiled using information from Ally Bank’s website and emailing the customer service team.

Katy Ward
Written byKaty Ward

Oxford graduate Katy Ward is a seasoned journalist and editor covering personal finance and software topics for Eleven Writing and Top10. Over a 15-year career, Katy has worked with several finance titans, including Barclays, Tandem Bank, and Yahoo! Finance.

Ally Bank
Ally Bank
AverageReviews 29
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Trustpilot reviews

See what some costumers are saying about Ally Bank
Ally Bank
PoorReviews 29
  • author
    Andy Sobo
    18 hours ago
    My son recently purchased a vehicle and…

    My son recently purchased a vehicle and made one on-time payment and was killed. I reached out to Ally Bank and was appalled at their treatment. Even though the payment was current, a repossession tow truck showed up but car was not available. I made the next payment early and on the due date, Ally Bank reversed the payment on the due date. I then made a credit card payment on due date and Ally Bank put it through as a cash advance with extra charges. I asked for a pay-off and Ally Bank stated I had two options. Assume the 15% interest rate loan or give it back. We are devastated at the loss of our son and Ally Bank is making it worse. Ally Bank is a heartless company!


  • author
    Dale Ryan
    2 days ago
    This bank is broken on so many levels…

    This bank is broken on so many levels it is truly a wonder how they are still in business. I guess when you have a Billion dollars in the bank you can just go on making American people miserable like they do.They rely on Algorithms and Low end AI and it mucks up the whole system. I won’t bore you with my mind blowing AWFUL experience. However I will be spending a generous amount of time bad mouthing them and steering as many potential customers away from them. They can thank me later!


  • author
    JClara Perez
    Jun 06, 2021
    Esta es la peor financiadora que he…

    Esta es la peor financiadora que he conocido en 55 años. Les cuento: Estaba financiando la compra de un auto con ellos desde Febrero 2020 hasta Marzo 2021. En Marzo 2021 entregue dicho auto anterior e hice financiamiento de otro auto con mi banco ¨Credit Union (Banco este ultimo supe especial, se los recomiendo 100%)¨. Por atraso en el proceso del papeleo de cambio de carro anterior me vi obligada a pagar la letra del mes de Marzo para no afectar ni dañar mi crédito. Ahora estoy reclamando dicho pago en exceso y Ally Financial me envía un cheque a nombre de dos personas. Dicho cheque que mandan a nombre de dos personas es imposible de depositar en ningún banco porque esa persona no es titular de mi cuenta y yo no puedo lograr que me haga el favor de ir conmigo al banco para yo poder cobrar dicho cheque y ningún banco paga un cheque a dos personas que no tienen cuenta en conjunto. No es menos cierto que en ese carro éramos dos dueños pero los términos del contrato nos describen como ese señor ¨O¨ yo, y tengo suficientes pruebas y evidencias que quien pagaba y se hizo cargo del carro siempre y de que mi banco lo pagara completico a Ally Financial fui yo. Además en el contrato repito esta el seño ¨O¨ yo, dicho cheque puede ser enviado a mi nombre solamente por ley. No obstante he llamado 100 veces y me han dado información falsa pues todo lo que me dicen es: ok señora será mandado, ok señora ya lo indique en el sistema será como dice, etc. etc. etc... y no hacen nada, he pedido hablar con un supervisor no lo consigo, he pedido hablar con un manager y tampoco lo logro. Realmente para mi y mucho mas en tiempos de pandemias como los actuales es una gran falta de respeto con los clientes que sucedan este tipo de cosas, además de que quisiera saber donde va a ir a parar mi dinero porque mi banco pago la totalidad de la deuda y mi dinero esta en exceso de pago, quien se cogerá mi dinero, quisiera saber, lo he preguntado por teléfono y no saben, ellos no saben nada, solamente saben mentir y no resolver.


  • author
    Dope Reviews
    May 09, 2021

    I'm pretty sure I've already given a review or several reviews for Ally Bank oh, but I feel compelled to leave another one because I feel as though that the rating they have on here it's completely wrong and completely fabricated by their competitors and people or Bots that are simply paid or programmed to leave bad reviews for certain companies. Bottom line... You're not going to find a better Bank than Ally Bank. I've been banking with them for over 2 years now and I haven't had a single problem or issue whatsoever and not only that you can't beat their fees and their customer service is second to none. I actually just spoke with a customer service representative named Hillary and she did an excellent job and took care of my problem immediately. I'm going to continue to periodically leave accurate five-star reviews for this Bank until they are given their Fair Shake. And I challenge anyone that has given Ally Bank a bad review to produce evidence on their claims. God bless everyone and stay safe!


  • author
    Apr 26, 2021
    I would like to have an online bank…

    I would like to have an online bank account that has two factor authentication. Most do not. Text based two factor authentication via One time codes isn't safe due to what is called sim swapping. But I tried to email them because they're security page doesn't mention the type of 2fa just that they offer it. They do not present chat or email options to prospective new customers or any other person who does not have an account. But they do list some email addresses such as abuse@ and investor@ and I tried the investment email, one person responded that their 2fa authentication is One time codes via email or text. Obviously if the choice is at authentication then you can't enforce email, because the person trying to hijack your account will perform a sim swap and choose text. So I asked him the followup question of where is the choice presented, externally at login or internally in security settings. I've used another companies product where it is external which isn't secure. Should have been a simple followup response. Took like half a dozen replies to find out they no longer even seem to know what i'm asking, the original guy finally got back around the email chain but he told me put my account number in the memo line not the payable line. ? guess he is responding to me about someone elses issue. I don't see why I would want to have any affiliation with a bank who just churns emails without reading them. They say they cannot forward emails to any other department or present me with an email address to ally bank. Their most recent response said go email/chat/voicecall ally bank. I really hate voice calls almost as much as I hate customer service. I have no intention of using voice calls to interact with an online service. I've already read on here that voice calling them is as painful as talking to them through any other method. I can't even ask them a simple security question as a prospective customer and get an answer. they just say essentially go away. so i'm going away. But not without leaving my 2 cents. what a crap company. why anybody in customer service at their investment end gets a pay check I fail to understand, I have to extrapolate that the banking sides customer service is unlikely to be any better than their investment side. P.S. right as I was trying to post this, Anthony from the investment side answered my question and said it was presented externally which is what I dislike which is everything is always trust based instead of distrust based. In otherwords systems assume ur u, rather than presuming u might not be u. Kind of defeats the potential to use that choice for a security benefit, if you were to hide that choice internally in security settings, you could choose email, then secure the email account with a hardware token, specifically the newer type called FIDO. Then the person trying to get into your account from across the other side of the world would need your physical security key to get the code, rather than to just call someone at your phone company and say they need to do a sim swap due to a lost phone, then go log in as you and select text 2fa. This is very common nowadays. If the telephone customer service don't presume due to trust based phone interaction that he is u as he says he is, he still has the option of paying 80$ going rate to black market lists of customer service reps who take money to do sim swaps. Listed as common issue in any tech security news site. Why do you think I have 0 interest in having text based 2fa tied to a bank account. Anyway if u have to deal with anyone u prob want to talk to the guy named anthony as he seems to have reading skills.


  • author
    David Lathrop
    Apr 22, 2021

    They don’t care at all !!! Pandemic! Who cares, NOT THEM!! As long as they get there money, who cares about the average person. Stay away from these people, any other bank in the country is better. BEWARE!!!


  • author
    Pedro Jimenez
    Apr 25, 2021
    Personal Information at RISK...

    Customer service is available, but not very helpful. They can't respond to basic questions and will not transfer calls to people that know the answers. Website indicates can open account in 5 minutes. Not Really! I submit all my personal information to get message need to wait 7 business days. I called next day, press customer service for 20 minutes, to find out bank account denied, unable to verify ID, no additional info. Then, i pressed them to find out what happens to my personal information, they ignore me. UPDATE: I've found 3% APY online bank ! ALLY is NOT even close ... there are much better options online...


  • author
    Mar 11, 2021
    Good bank for basic banking functions

    I've maintained accounts at Ally for many years, and made it my primary bank in 2014. I only use the checking and savings accounts, and find using their website very easy and intuitive. Rates on deposits are at the high end of rates. Transfers to other banks initiated via Ally are always faster than using transfer functions at other banks, which I really like. Since I've had few troubles there, I almost never use customer service, so that may limit my overall experience (the last time I had to call in Feb 2020 from Burma/Myanmar to find out why my ATM card wasn't working, only to find out that they don't allow withdrawals in that country, which was annoying, but not earth-shattering -- fortunately I keep a small account at one of the major banks that I could use).


  • author
    Sam B
    Mar 09, 2021
    Ally savings ok, rest not so much

    Ally savings account is pretty good. Ally Home Loans was okay at first but then the process got mismanaged and created confusion. lacked information, and even cost excess fees due to lack of timely communication. Your mortgage is NOT processed by Ally after the close, so you will be transferred several times to different banks. Ally Invest self-directed account is too basic and they don't seem to care about updating the features or making it more user friendly or effective.


  • author
    Alisha fanyo
    Mar 03, 2021
    Disappointing to say the least

    Used to think they were great until this pandemic hit and they were unwilling to work with me and closed my account of -49.00 which were all fees anyway. I overdraft on 1.99 something automated that I didn't know was going to take place and 5.00 which was my fault as I knew it would be taken out monthly but forgot. In the meantime I explained I have had no income for 2 months and still made small payments as I could and they still shut me down. Pretty cold hearted. And computer controlled. Customer service was alright I thought until I went to northone there is no comparison. Northone cares they actually do. Huge difference bye bye Ally hello Northone.


  • author
    Mar 01, 2021
    Restricts Payments, Your Rent Will Be Late

    Puts a $500 limit on Zelle & debit transactions for 90 days after opening account regardless of the amount in your account. I opened my account with $50,000 and there was nothing I could do in order transfer more than 1% of my account out in order to make rent.


  • author
    Normal Dude
    Mar 01, 2021
    Please don’t join this bank pleaaaase!!!

    This bank doesn’t even deserve 1 star. I was customer there for about 1 year. Costumer support is extremely poor, they don’t know how to talk with clients at all! They even stole me money from my account, not once, not twice, but it was multiple times. They even didn’t feel guilty.Everyone who has put good reviews about this bank is a pure liar or he-she working for them. PLEASE do not join allybank, because you will end up in very big stress. There is also poor English and it’s very difficult to understand them. They don’t behave like bank employees, but they behave like scammers. Please don’t join them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t do it!!!!!!!


  • author
    Elizabeth and gyula Molnar and
    Feb 23, 2021
    Ally is the worst bank they cheat and…

    Ally is the worst bank they cheat and lie. I requested wire transfer and after a week is not done they have all kind of excuses not to give your money out


  • author
    Feb 11, 2021
    Good experience with savings account

    I've had a savings account with Ally for several years now. It's been very easy to transfer money in and out. The one or two times I've needed to contact them, it was relatively painless. I'm a bit disappointed that the high-yield savings account isn't so high-yield any more, though I also understand that rates fluctuate with the market. They have been at least up-front about it whenever it changes.


  • author
    Feb 01, 2021
    Ally Bank is Frustrating, Inefficient and not user-friendly.

    Customer service seemed good when opening an account--maybe that is why. Now that I have the account--customers service is terrible. Half of the reps cannot answer questions--they know very little. The other half just give out information they may or may not know then others contradict them and say they've never heard of that. This is a very low-tech bank. If you are used to working with banks where transactions are fast and easy and high-tech, Ally will be like going back to the 90s. Everything takes forever--even Zelle Quickpay. It is not quick. It takes 3 business days. You can use Zelle 24 hours a day at other banks and the money is sent & received immediately. Not so at Ally--send on Friday & does not arrive until following Wednesday! Not quick pay at all. The hold times for reps is about 30 minutes. I have had 3 customer reps accidentally disconnect me after waiting for half an hour on hold in one day. I have one direct deposit going there. As soon as I can switch it--I'm done. I would not recommend using Ally if you like quick efficient bank transactions and Customer Reps that know what they are talking about. You will be constantly frustrated. They seem to like to hold onto money for a longer time than other banks. Maybe that is why the accounts are free. I would never invest with this bank after the unprofessional dealings I've had with them.


  • author
    Jan 22, 2021
    I contacted them to request a simple…

    I contacted them to request a simple information No humanity They have zero respect for customers, plus they also make fun of customers over the phone Why should you deposit your funds to a bank that does not respect their customers?


  • author
    James Galloway
    Jan 22, 2021
    Worst decision I've ever made!!

    Worst decision I've ever made!!! I bought a new vehicle and it is financed through Ally. I have been trying since December 18th to register for an online account. It continues to say that I have an existing account for a vehicle I paid off with them in 2015. I have called 6 times and been told every time that it will be deleted from their system and to try again in 3 days. I called today and spoke to a "supervisor" who again told me it would be 5-7 more days. When I requested to speak with his supervisor he put me on hold and I have been on hold for over an hour now without anyone picking up the phone. I feel like they are just waiting me out now as they really don't care. I will be refinancing this vehicle ASAP as this isn't the way people should be treated.


  • author
    Cliff Sinon
    Jan 20, 2021
    I've had a great experience with them

    I've had a great experience with them. Financed a car with them and they worked with me during COIVD quarantine. Very helpful. Financed a second car with them and since I had established history with them, my rate dropped drastically.


  • author
    Dope Reviews
    Jan 06, 2021
    Wow and OMG!

    Wow and OMG! I had to stop by here and leave my homeboy main bank that I use all the time a good review and I just noticed that it only has a 2.1 star rating. I easily gave it five. I'm calling BS on that. Lol. It has to be one of those deals where companies pay people to leave bad reviews on their competitors. Or whatever it is they do. With the robots or whatever. They would probably try to act like they're innocent and don't do anything like that LOL but who do they think they're kidding? But anyway! Ally Bank is hands-down the best bank I've ever used in every regard. It never takes more than 3 to 5 minutes to get a hold of a real human being that you can actually understand and actually knows what's going on. I've never once called them and they not be able to resolve my issue immediately. So I'm saying that the fact that they only have a 2.1 star rating on here is completely fabricated. And I'm not saying anything against trustpilot. I'm sure trustpilot has their rules and protocols to try to deal with things like that but the truth is you just can't always beat them. If I pay a hundred different people to come on here and leave a bad review to a certain company but there's absolutely no way you can prove it then I'm going to suffer no consequences at all LOL it will actually be beneficial to me because more than likely my competitor will be getting Less business. But Ally Bank rocks! Everyone should use it.


  • author
    John Radenbaugh
    Dec 30, 2020
    Worst bank ever

    Worst bank ever . Paid my car payment early for 3 years ask for help due to COVID said sure set up extension but didn’t tell me I had to pay a fee for this offer . They just don’t care about there customer As soon as this COVID is over going to move my loan . If you can use a different bank you will be better off for it . Thanks


  • author
    Patrick Eisenbeil
    Dec 22, 2020
    My wife and I are both out of work due…

    No humanity My wife and I are both out of work due to illness and the pandemic and ally couldn't care less. I am disgusted by the lack of humanity in this company. I was late on a few payments but ALWAYS made a payment. I was late on one payment and they removed the 0% interest


  • author
    Dec 21, 2020
    worst bank ever

    worst bank ever, FOR SECURITY REASONS AND I ACCORDANCE TO THE CUSTOMERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS I'm writing this complaint because ally, does not know how to operate on the web their security procedure are a total non sense I suggest them a slogan: ally bank, the bank managed by 100% choleinefesh garanteed, no questions asked


  • author
    Frank S.
    Dec 21, 2020
    Incompetent people run this bank

    This bank has terrible customer service. Choose a different bank that actually gives a hoot about their customers.


  • author
    lerm corp
    Dec 17, 2020
    This bank is the worst I have seen

    This bank is the worst I have seen. Customer service is very very unprofessional. They do not back up their clients when a problem arises. These people are crooks. Ally does not respond to issues in a timely nor professional manner. They have a bunch of inept people working there.


  • author
    Nov 28, 2020
    You Can Find a Better Bank Than Ally - Trust - 10yr Customer Review

    I've been a customer of Ally Bank for at least 10 years. I used to be in love with them. I was concerned when I switched from a brick and mortar bank to online that I might be hurting myself. That not having a bank to go to so I could withdraw money would soon become an issue. However, it never did. Ally Bank made it easy to complete online deposits. The interest they paid no their savings products was better than any brick and mortar and should have been considering that they didn't have to fund any buildings for operating and staff costs. Actually Ally probably made substantially more than a traditional bank. Their customer service was great. As I said...I was in love. And you could tell because I was screaming my love from every rooftop to people that would hear me. But....over the years the bank has become subpar. Their customer service has gone in the toilet. The bank doesn't protect their customer's interests but everyone else's. I've had several issues of which would be normal to resolve but they do not. Normal issues that would have been resolved previously but now they act as though they have no idea what is going on. It can take up to a week before they respond to you at all. Their interest rates are now LESS than brick and mortar banks - you have to ask yourself how that is while they customer service is less than it ever has been. How much of our money are they putting back into their pockets? How they are getting awards...I have no idea at this point. Clearly, these awards aren't looking for information from long-term customers or they would not still be getting awards. So now I am shouting from the rooftops...find another bank. Do your research. If banks are using your money to make money they should be giving you something for it. Not less over the years while they keep more. Ally doesn't care about customers - I know, I have a lot of money with them and they ignore my displeasure with the terrible service received. So if they are willing to ignore me I can only imagine the service received by people with less funds deposited with them. I'm guessing they think they are too big to fail. I guess we may see...because there is plenty of competition that can and will do better.


  • author
    D Maria Cruz
    Nov 25, 2020
    Auto Financed/Rudeness!

    Had auto financed by these individuals, was experiencing financial plus health issues...bottom line, got a call from a representative/employee who was extremely rude. I tried to explain my circumstances; her response.. "you have 15 minutes to empty your personal belongings from the vehicle; it will be picked up then, or is your vehicle in Mexico..." This individual had an accent notably Latin...will never do business with these people nor will ever recommend them...


  • author
    Oct 04, 2020
    allahbank isn't good

    allahbank isn't good, i had to pay a vacation apartment rental to the owner and his bank account was at allahbank, unfortunatly i had to cancel the reservation since they are not even able to receive a bank transfer for a payment for a simple vacation apartment, because of their security server, a total non sense they are not compatibles with the internet, zero


  • author
    Sep 29, 2020
    they still process transactions from fintech companies with many online complaints

    they still process transactions from fintech companies with many online complaints at least they have to block the transactions from fintech companies with so many online complaints they are the same type of fintech companies that are looking for complaints they have confused complaints with compliments someone has to explaine them the difference, perhaps sigmund fraud can help them understand the difference: between a good review and the complaint, LIKE THIS ONE


  • author
    Sep 24, 2020
    Ripping off customers

    They pay execs big bonuses, sponsor NASCAR, and yet they have dropped our savings rate from 2% in Jan 2020 to 0.6% today. They clearly just don't care about customers. They just want more money to spend on other useless projects and bonuses.


  • author
    Apr 03, 2021
    Excellent interface and major interest

    UPDATE: Dropping from 5 stars to 4 because the "free" checks never seem to arrive and customer service has taken several days to reply. Still happy with the rest. Money market and no penalty CD rates are still better than most of the competition. App is great. We switched from our local brick and mortgage bank to Ally because we wanted a better online experience and integration with other services. It was very easy to sign up for. Just about 20 minutes of work online beats an hour in the branch, especially these days with COVID. The interest they pay on High Yield Savings is a huge plus. The 1% they currently pay beats what our old bank was paying (virtually nothing) by a huge margin. It also beats the money market account we had with another institution. Opening a "zero penalty" CD took about 10 minutes to lock in a 0.95% rate for 11 months. The only downside has been the inability to deposit cash but the pros in our situation far outweigh this one con. It's easy to get cash from ATM's without paying a fee. I highly recommend Ally after having used for several months.


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